The establishment work of Private Gazi Hospital, which took its name from the Great Leader ATATURK, started with the aim of bringing a new breath to health understanding of İzmir which is the pearl of beautiful Egemiz in the middle of the year 2000 with the aim of making the power group of the doctor group and the participant. Spent process of our economic crisis in Turkey where these idealists were intimidation, works and services with a greater belief in love is accelerated.

Our hospital, which was opened on January 8, 2002, continued to rise without deviating from its principles and goals, continued to invest in these days, never giving up aiming for better.

Our hospitals are a structure that is compatible with the new earthquake regulations in force and can add to the quality of service and safety of life. Our ultra-modern operating theaters equipped with the latest innovations of medicine and ventilated in hygienic air conditioner and sterile conditions, our intensive care units and emergency ambulance provide 24/7 uninterrupted service and continue to suffer from the problems of our patients. Our investments and plans for tomorrow, as well as for the day of our hospital;constitute a concrete indication of our commitment to the sector. Our high-tech "high technology, gul face and economic pricing policy will remain unchanged today as well as tomorrow. Because being a patient's hospital is our permanent mission. We started with the patient's service process, the determination to not take any kind of patient. We knew our own dynamics, we had to produce our own solutions, and we had the creativity to make it happen. With the Quality Management System, we have reorganized all hospital services as needed and have come closer to our goal in a more conscious and more organized way. Within the complex structures of the hospitals; we preferred to take advantage of modern management techniques to provide good service. We aimed to establish the foundation of our new structure with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards and after one step we realized our new target as a hospital with International Accreditation Standards line is the work of a hospital full of people doing business lovingly. Health care should always be carried out in an effort to reach the best in terms of its characteristics. By using advanced technology and scientific methods, it is possible to provide better service within this complex structure of our hospital using modern management techniques. That is why our hospital, which is equipped with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards, has chosen to pass the Total Quality Management system to the next stage.

Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to all the resources (people, technology, information, materials, finance) of an institution or organization; is to direct and manage both to satisfy the current and future expectations of employees and patients, and to provide excellence in business outcomes. This management; aims to achieve ideal or perfection, and tries to ensure that it does not make mistakes instead of detecting errors, that is, preventing errors. The adoption of the quality management system is the result of the strategic decision made by the senior management of the Private Gazi Hospital. The design and implementation of the Private Gazi Hospital's quality management system has been influenced by the size and nature of the Private Gazi Hospital, from various needs, from specific goals, products offered, and the working processes. This quality management system is based on eight quality management principles.

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