Purpose of Private Gazi Hospital:

  • It is to achieve and maintain the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties to achieve competitive advantage and to do so effectively and efficiently, and to achieve, maintain and improve the overall performance and capacity of Private Gazi Hospital.
  • The implementation of quality management principles not only provides direct benefits, but also makes a significant contribution to cost and risk management. Benefits, cost and risk management are important for organizations, organizations, customers and other interested parties. The following are some of the factors that can influence the overall performance of the Private Gazi Hospital:
  • Customer orientation,
  • Repeated work,
  • The results of Private Gazi Hospital, such as income and market share,
  • Flexible and fast answers to market opportunities,
  • Costs and cycle times during effective and efficient use of resources,
  • Arranging the processes that will be the best in taking the desired results,
  • The competitive advantage of improved enterprise capacities,
  • As much as participation in continuous improvement, the motivation and meaning of employees towards the goals and objectives of Private Gazi Hospital,
  • The ability to create and optimize the costs and resources as well as the speed and flexibility to respond to changing markets and create value for its suppliers.

Our Vision

With the health services offered by paying attention to ethical values;

  • Targeting employee satisfaction with employee and patient relatives,
  • Having the principle of patient and employee safety,
  • With its team and infrastructure, AEGEAN REGION is creating a model that is suitable for health tourism and becoming one of the academic health institutions that are referenced in health service field ...

Our Mission

  • Being a safe hospital,
  • It is aimed not to harm when treating;
  • In order to improve the quality of life of the society and contribute to the development of medicine;
  • To offer preventive and curative health services at an advanced level, in a widespread and integrated structure, in appropriate economic conditions,
  • They are dedicated to their profession, to serve with human, tissue, valued physicians and health professionals.

Hospital Values

  • Depending on ethical values,
  • Sustainable and environmentally sensitive and respectful,
  • Working with a team approach,
  • We have adopted the Equitable and Scientific Approach,
  • Targeting patient and employee satisfaction,
  • Accepting patient and employee safety as corporate culture
  • With predictive approaches
  • Diagnostic treatment and Practice Participation.


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